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With the versatile Trollbeads you can combine glass, gemstones, silver, gold and copper in every possible combination of themes and colors.
Let your fanasy flow in this universe of sweet, funny and elegant beads which, besides glass and stones, also offers beautiful figures, letters, zodiacs and much, much more. 
Trollbeads also offers beautiful pendants and earrings to complete your look. 



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It all started in 1976 where Trollbeads made their first bead. It was a silver bead that had six faces. At that time silver beads were put on a leather string through a small eye. The ground-breaking about Trollbeads design was that the leather string went directly through the bead.
Later on a bead was put on a bracelet, then several beads on a bracelet and finally people were able to change beads with the detachable lock. The first glass beads were introduced in 2001. Today you can find Trollbeads in more that 50 countries all over the world with an assortment comprised of more than 600 different beads.