Assembly of leather bracelet and watch for Christina Watches

Shortening the leather cord, attaching the lock


It´s easy to find the right length and adjust the leather cord in simple braceletes. When handling a large watch construction, you may need a helping hand.

The cord is delivered with a magnet mounted in one end. Shorten the other end of the cord where the core/fabric is visible. This is where the lock must be glued on.

In consideration of the length of the lock you can attach it to the magnet as shown.


Cut the cord in the right length with a sharp pair of scissors in the end where the lock is to be attached.


Press a drop of the supplied glue out in the shortest end of the lock where the "C" og "Christina" is.


Twist the shortened end of the cord into the lock as far as it goes.


Leave the lock to dry for some time (24 hours) and your new bracelet is ready.


Follow this link and see how you assemble the T-bars to your Christina Collect watch