Overview of glass beads from selected brands to show the difference of sizes and styles.

It has come to our attention through several sources that Beauty Beads are considered very large. Actually they´re slightly larger than other beads as the outer size is 16.5 mm.
We have taken a picture of the different beads we´re carrying, so you can see the difference in size for yourself. 

1. Beauty Beads, Mermaid flower, white  
2. Ohm, Seinen   
3. Novobeads,Bubble  
4. Elfbeads, Ice Lilies  
5. Beauty Beads, Strawberry ice  
6. Trollbeads, Rosa desert  
7. Beauty Beads, Sugar way 
8. Beauty Beads, Purple universe 
9. Pandora, Pink hearts 


We have created a bracelet to show the difference between the beads foverview of glass beads from selected brands we carry here at Perlen to show the difference of sizes and styles.rom the diverse brands. Below the picture you will find a link to each brand. We have decided to put them on a Trollbeads bracelet as beads from all brands fit on to it. Trollbeads don´t fit onto other brands as the holes are smaller. Still it´s possible to find Trollbeads that can fit other bracelet brands. Go for the universal beads, which can be found here and here.
Pay attention to the fact that charms №3, 7, 9, 11 and 15 have bigger holes and therefore will be rather loose on the bracelets of other brands than the one that they belong to.  

1. Munio
2. Redbalifrog
3. Christina Watches
4. Trollbeads
5. Pandora
6. Redbalifrog
7. Christina Watches
8. Pandora XL
9. Waxing Poetic
10. Novobeads Mini
11. Rebeligion
12. Trollbeads
13. Ohm Beads
14. Ohm Beads
15. Waxing Poetic
16. Novobeads
17. Trollbeads lock